Why would you choose Canada?

Those who are talented and do not get reasonable opportunities in theowncountry, seek the same in another country. This is a process known as migration, and almost all the corners of the world have seen this. There are some legal formalities that a citizen has to complete before migrating to another country. The process varies from country to country, but the ultimate result of the process is same only. One needs to go for apermanent visa or working holiday visa whatever the requirement is. However, it is worth to note that the legal formalities are different for different types of visas.

Canada is famous as one of the most diverse countries in the world with a good economy and the fourth largest nation as in the world. Over the years, student and workers from the third world countries have been immigrating to Canada for higher studies and jobs. For a student, there are a number of available scholarships and abundant job opportunities for foreigners in various sectors. If you are looking for a working holiday in Canada,then there are a few steps that you have to follow. If you are already working in a company and going to Canada as a representative of the same then getting a Visa is comparatively easier. Or else, if you are looking for a job to shift for a couple of years to Canada then these are the steps.

How to apply?

There are almost thirty countries around the World having bilateral youth agreement with Canada for young professionals to apply forindifferent jobs in the country. Any person in between the age of 18 to 35 can apply through IEC or International Experience Canada to get a working holiday Canada Visa. The expenses regarding the air tickets, health insurance, and the initial expenses have to be covered by the applicant. The candidate must be admissible into Canada by law. Once these basic criteria are fulfilled, one has to go through procedure explained below.

How to get the work permit?

Once you have cleared the criteria, take the following steps:

  • Open an IEC account and set up a profile of your own with your qualification and job profile.
  • The candidates have to enroll themselves in the pool of workers like young professionals with the other candidates of the candidate.
  • Once your application is confirmed, you can start working permit.
  • The application after submission will be thoroughly assessed by CIC and if needed additional documents will be askedfor.
  • Once the application is confirmed by the CIC, you will receive a letter of introduction in you IEC account.
  • The application along with the letter of introduction has to be shown to the immigration officer to receive the work permit.

Thus to get a visa Canada working holiday for a temporary period with a maximum of two years, the steps above have to be followed. Do not miss the opportunity to have a better lifestyle in one of the first world countries of the world.