How to prove that you have an excellent command over English before you get your visa

To prove your English language proficiency before you get your visa through the direct entry stream, you have to go through a number of procedures. It doesn’t matter that you’ve studied from the most excellent convent school out there and that you hold a master’s degree in English. The following points will be required to see you through the entire procedure. However you don’t have to do everything mentioned in the list. Talk to your immigration consultant regarding which ones will create the most impact and he will guide you through.

  1. You need to have a valid passport issued by the government of United States of America, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Canada or the republic of Ireland.
  2. You must score at least 6 points in all of the four components of the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), i.e., reading, speaking, listening and writing. This test is valid for three years when you submit your visa application.
  3. You have to score no less than a ‘B’ grade in all of the test components of the Occupational English Test. This ‘B’ or a higher grade in the four test components will be valid for three years again from the time you submit your application.

How to apply for an direct entry stream visa and other details.

  1. You need to meet every single requirement mentioned under the general requirements of the Subclass 186 visa and the specific requirements of the direct entry stream visa australia.
  2. You have to get your employer to lodge the nomination in your favour. This should happen before you submit your application for the Visa. He or she needs to give a nomination for you with the Department of Home Affairs in Australia. After this gets approved, you have to apply within 6 months to stand a chance of qualifying or the nomination in your favour will get revoked.
  3. You must get all your documents ready. The Direct entry stream Visa requires that you submit a number of documents along with the application to prove that all the claims you’ve made in it are true and up to date. These documents will be listed in the document checklist.
  4. The next thing you need to do is to upload your application online. For the direct entry stream visa, there are a list of documents that you need to keep scanned with you. Along with that you must have the adequate visa application fee with you on your debit or credit card.
  5. Last but not the least, you have to wait for the DHA to come to a decision. This may take a few months. Don’t lose your patience and always look for a positive sign. Once you get a confirmation regarding your Visa approval, you will get your visa and you can continue or start working in the beautiful country, that is Australia. Getting a direct entry stream visa for australia is not difficult if you know what exactly you have to do.

Living the Lush Life in Hampton Beach

Following trends is expensive. When you go to the most obvious vacation destinations like the beaches of Long Island Sound or the coasts of Florida, crowds are big and demand is high, which means the prices are high, too. But when you visit a spot like Hampton Beach, New Hampshire, you can experience the same quality you’d find at a more famous resort while paying a fraction of the cost. So to experience a lush vacation on a tight budget, read on and see what Hampton Beach has to offer.

Book a Winter Vacation

When cold weather blows in, all the vacationers head south to places like Miami and Los Angeles. And it’s true enough that New England’s winter waters are too cold to swim in. But then you don’t need to swim in the ocean to have a good time on your vacation.

Hampton and Hampton Beach host a full range of places to stay, from motels to four-star hotels, and all their nightly rates get even more reasonable whether you decide to spend a weekend or a full week in town. HotelPlanner can point you to a Hampton Beach hotel with a whole lot of pampering, a full suite, and a private ocean-view balcony, such as Ashworth by the Sea or Atlantic Breeze Suites, and all for a bargain.

Enjoy the Night at Ocean Gaming

You have to be careful about your budget when you put a casino on the itinerary, but for an exciting evening, there’s no place lusher. Ocean Gaming is a restaurant and casino that sits right across from the beach, and it comes alive when the sun sets. Ocean Gaming has all the usual suspects like craps, poker, roulette, and bingo, plus it has slot machines and video gambling machines. It also offers basic beach food whether you care to gamble or not, and it’s open year round so you can enjoy the hospitality even on a winter vacation.

Relax at a Route 1 Spa

None of the resorts or hotels on Hampton Beach host spas, but you can find plenty of spas and salons along U.S. Route 1. At a place like Spectra Salon and Spa, you can spend a few minutes getting your nails done or your hair styled, or you can spend all day getting full-body treatments and massages at a reasonable price.

Have a Drink at The Goat

There are a few good places to get a drink and some decent food together in Hampton Beach, but The Goat is one of the best. Located in an old three-story house, The Goat offers a good variety of burgers and sandwiches, plus it has beers, whiskies, and make-your-own bloody Marys on the menu.

Having a great, lush vacation on a budget isn’t impossible, and if you do a little planning, it isn’t even very hard. So if you want to live like your budget was twice as big, head over to Hampton Beach and start enjoying the luxury hotels, casinos, spas, and taverns the town has to offer.

3 Beautiful Beaches for Solo Travel

Traveling solo puts you in touch — and in tune — with yourself in a way that traveling with a partner or group can’t mimic. You have the opportunity to make new friends, go on adventures, and get in touch with a different side of yourself. Vacationing on your own requires some safety precautions, however, beginning with choosing a destination that invites solo travelers.

Indulge Your Preppy Side in Cape Cod

New England, as a whole, is full of beautiful beaches, although the waters are typically chilly for all but a week of summer. However, the beaches of Cape Cod always seem to feel a bit warmer, as if the cape is genuinely touched by magic. The area is hard to pigeonhole because of every little town — and thus every beach — is different.

During a solo visit, head to Duck Harbor, right near Wellfleet. Not only is the vibe calm and relaxed but so is the ocean. The waters are warm there, as well. First Encounter Beach in Eastham is a must-see for history buffs, while Old Silver Beach in Falmouth is the place for partiers. To enjoy a more secluded trip, travel to Falmouth and hit up Kingsbury Beach. It’s residential, which results in a low-key atmosphere.

Get Active in Carolina Beach

Carolina Beach, North Carolina, is a location that’s off the beaten path. It doesn’t come up when people talk about the big beaches along the east coast — but it should. It’s equal parts low-key and sophisticated, which makes it easy to find activities you enjoy. Carolina Beach State Park is the most popular spot in the region. It holds a wealth of fishing spots, but it also boasts the aptly named Flytrap Trail. As you might expect, it’s lined with the Venus flytraps.

Visit Pleasure Island during your trip. Contrary to what the name suggests, it’s a hotspot for hearing the blues, watching the sea turtles, and going surf fishing. Freeman Park is fun and festive, or you can take in the local history at Fort Fisher. Use Hotel Planner to research Carolina Beach hotels near the sites you want to see. Accommodations run the gamut with regards to amenities and price. You can opt for a budget motel to save cash, book a mid-range room, or go all out with a luxurious suite.

Take an Arty Vacation in Laguna Beach

Does it get more decadent than Southern California? Laguna Beach is a marvelous place to travel by yourself, in no small part because the area holds tight to its roots as a community for artists and creatives. Anytime you need a break from sand and surf, you can venture through art galleries and boutiques.

You’re spoiled for choice when you’re ready to kick up your heels in the ocean. The area has its own beach culture to go with the miles of golden sands. Wherever you go, there’s something to do involving the ocean, whether it’s renting a bike or taking a yoga class on the beach. You’re close to both Los Angeles and San Diego, as well, which opens up the opportunity for day trips.

Do you frequently travel on your own? Share your tips for having a fun but safe vacation.

Guide To Buy a Perfect Fishing Kayak

You have landed on this article, it means that you are probably thinking about kayak fishing or you are willing to upgrade your kayak or accessories. You may be a beginner in this field and want to make sure that you buy the right things, which you will need. Here are a couple of questions about the best fishing kayak to give you a better insight.

  • What is the right type of fishing kayak?
  • What are the accessories you will need?
  • What is the right kind of anchor to use for your kayak?
  • What are the things to consider while buying a kayak?

Let us start from the basics of kayaking. Kayaking dates back to Eskimos and Native American tribes. Interesting part is that first, it was used for hunting because of their stealth nature. In the present scenario, fishing and hunting is done by using best fishing kayak and they are considered as efficient means of fulfilling these tasks.

The kayak industry has grown exponentially in the recent past. Some of the reasons responsible for this fast growth are

  • Kayaks are lightweight and affordable
  • They are easy to store and transport
  • Effective means for fishing as they are super quiet
  • You do not have to spend money on its maintenance
  • No gas or batteries are required

Types of fishing Kayaks

Sit-on-top Kayaks

These types of kayaks are the best choice for fishing because of the following reasons.

  • You will find it easier to get in and out of it, at the time of launching it or getting into it if you happen to fall out.
  • These kayaks are self-bailing; it means that if water will get in, then it will go out by itself. This will save you from flooding.
  • You sit higher and this gives you the opportunity to have a better view of the water.
  • Different seating options are available, which you can use according to your comfort and requirement.
  • You will get a good amount of space and options to store and access your gear.
  • It has a good ability to stand up.

Sit in Kayaks

Sit-in kayaks are not fishermen friendly and many times you will find it difficult to get in and get out of it.

  • They are prone to flooding. When water will go into it, there is no option for water go out.
  • You will also find it difficult to customize according to your requirements.
  • You have to sit below the surface of the water.

Sit-in kayaks are comparatively cheaper than the sit- on-top kayaks.

How to select the kayak paddle

When you are choosing a kayak paddle, there are two things to consider.

First, is the length of the paddle and the second is the weight of the paddle.

In case your kayak paddle is longer, than you require, then you have to do zigzag. In case your kayak paddle is too short, then you will find it difficult to reach in the water. Heavy kayak paddles will serve as a hurdle and you cannot paddle for long because you will get tired.