The Top Five Things to Look for in a Hostel in Siem Reap

More and more people in the West and Russia are taking vacations to Asia these days. While there are always the usual suspects such as China, South Korea, and Japan dominating the market, and rising stars such as Thailand, one of the most overlooked, yet intriguing, destinations is Cambodia. With a unique culture, absolutely stunning views of nature, and a vibe that’s as fun as it is affordable, a trip to Cambodia might be a great way to see Southeast Asia for less.

One of the ways you can start making your stay more affordable is by searching for hostels. The old image of hostels as questionable places to stay is no more, they have long since been replaced by modern spaces which offer some of the most affordable places to stay in Cambodia.

When you book a room at one of the best hostels in Siem Reap, Cambodia, you’ll be able to take the first step on a journey unlike any other.

  1. It’s All About Location

To begin with, when booking a hostel, or any other room for that matter, you always want to consider the area in which the place is located. You need to make sure that you aren’t going to be spending more money on long bus or train fares as a result of your cost-cutting attempts by accidentally booking somewhere that’s far away from any other stops.

  1. A Room with a View

In addition, you’ll want to stay in an area that actually looks and feels like “Cambodia.” In A Room with a View, Lucy Honeychurch is famously disappointed by the view outside her room in Florence looking like it might as well be London – until she swaps with George, and the story’s romance begins. Whether or not you find romance in Siem Reap, you’ll want to find a hostel that affords its visitors rooms with distinct views of the local landscape.

  1. A View of the River

One such view you’ll want to enjoy for sure is that of the Siem Reap River. It snakes along the northwest portion of the city, and looks incredibly tranquil and beautiful, especially when the sun hits it just right during the day and sunset.

  1. Local Attractions

You’ll also want a room which is located close to some of Siem Reap’s most cherished attractions. From the Angkor Wat with its incredible landscape and Buddhist temples to the lavish Bayon Temple, Terrace of the Elephants, Terrace of the Leper King, and the Angkor National Museum, there’s a lot to see here.

Be sure to stay in a hostel that makes it easy for you to see them.

  1. Spacious Interiors

You don’t want to travel all that way to Siem Reap only to then find out that your room leaves you feeling like a sardine packed tight into a can. The best hostels do a good job of balancing people per hostel with comfort to create interiors which look and feel spacious.

Book a great stay at one of Siem Reap’s finest hostels.



Disney Park

Quick Guide to 2019 Disney World

Theme park commercials like Disney world makes it seem like a simple and carefree world where everyone skips holding hands with the iconic Mickey Mouse. Though this is true, it is not 100% accurate all the time. In reality, the Walt Disney World is very complicated and a lot of first-time travelers don’t realize that. There is a lot to understand before you visit Walt Disney, and to that, you are going to need to have a plan. Because as complicated as planning may sound, the reward is worth it.

To save you from getting a bad vacation, here is a quick guide and background information to help you in every aspect of your trip to Disney world.

The best time to visit

Knowing when to visit is the first consideration in this list because it could either make or break your vacation if not properly planned. It may be worthy to note the season and year to visit. If you dislike crowds, do not visit in September 2019, this is because Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens on August 29, 2019, this will likely cause a huge spike in crowds. Some sites provide the recommended dates to visit the place. Depending on if you want to avoid big-time events like Star Wars. You can check them out and see where your schedule fits the most.


However, if you’re planning on an urgent vacation, any time between late August is a good timeframe to visit if you want to relax and enjoy before big-time events come up. You will most likely enjoy Pandora-World of Avatar and Toy Story Land. Take note, however, that there is an amount of construction going on as Walt Disney prepares for its 50th Anniversary, so plan on encountering some degree of construction.

Duration of stay

For first time travelers in Disney World, the recommended vacation is at least 6 or 7 days, depending on how much vacation time you have and your plans on visiting other non-Disney theme destinations. The duration of your stay will largely depend upon the type of trip it is. If you are an avid Disney fan, then, by all means, you can stay longer and savor every moment of Disney World. But if you are just there primarily to take your kids on a “once in a lifetime” journey, your duration of stay is dramatically different from a Disney Fan.

What to pack

This may sound cliché and boring but trust me, this could guide offers ways to save a dollar and improve your experience. There are some clever ways to Walt Disney World that makes packing a different experience, and choosing to bring important and smart things will improve your experience. Make sure to go over the best stuff to bring in A Disney Packing List With Tips To Beat The Mouse.

Visiting a Massage Parlor – What You Need to Know

There are many massage parlors in Thonglor. Thonglor is the area around Sukhumvit Soi55, and is very popular for the nightlife scene. However, if you have had a busy few days, you might want to think about going for a massage. But, there are many things that you should know about going for a massage at a local parlor in Thong Lo. If you are planning to go for a massage, you need to keep a few things in mind. Here are just a few things that you should know about visiting a local spa or massage parlor in Thong Lo.

Do Your Research

Thong Lo is massive, so you have to first do your research about different massage parlors in the area. While there are many smaller parlors that don’t have an online presence, it’s recommended that you go to one that is popular and offers the best massages in the city. That is why you should start your research online. Search for local spas and massage parlors in and around Thonglor to find one that is ideal for you. You can check their website to find out about the different massages they offer. The best Thonglor spa and massage is one that has received high ratings from travelers and offers unique massages.

Check the Pricing

Can you afford to spend a vast sum of money on a spa and massage? You need to make sure that you check the pricing, first, to confirm whether you can afford the massage or not. A full day at the spa is going to cost a considerable sum of money, so you should check the pricing before making a decision. You can compare prices from numerous spas in the district before you decide which one to visit.

Types of Massages

Many massage parlors and spas offer unique massages. Their special massages are given by trained masseuses, and are going to make you feel completely rejuvenated by the time it’s complete. You can check out the different types of massages that are on offer, and read a few reviews to find the best massage offered by the parlor. For instance, there are certain parlors that specialize in foot massages. Some are renowned for their full body massages as well. You can do a bit of research on your own to find the best massages offered at different parlors.

Buy a Gift Card

A number of local spas and massage parlors also offer gift cards to their customers. You can use the gift card whenever you want as well, or you can gift it to someone you know.


If you don’t want any problems or waiting time when you arrive, it’s best if you make reservations beforehand. During the weekends, traffic is quite high, so you have to make sure that you make a booking beforehand. These are just a few things that you should know about visiting a massage parlor.



corporate catering hong kong

Good Food Comes to You from Zebratasty

Good food turns out to be the show stopper of any party! Add a star to your event or corporate function with food from renowned platters by Zebra Tasty in Hong Kong. It has been in the catering business since 2013 and has created a brand image for its services. Zebra Tasty is a corporate catering in hong kong and event catering specialist that offers quality food delivery for each of its orders. You can organize a party or event and leave the food arrangements to us; we will serve your guests with the best food.

Why order food from us?

There are many caterers in Hong Kong, but the reputed image of Zebra Tasty is unmatchable. The following are the services of Zebra Tasty Caterers.

  • corporate catering hong kongSetup and waiting Services

Zebra Tasty offers setup and waiting services wherein, we set up the food stalls for the party or event and also provide you with manpower to serve your clients. You can avail the setup and waiting services at the price of $700 per waiting staff, or you can just take setup services for $400.

  • Drop-off Catering Food Delivery

Zebra Tasty offers drop-off catering food delivery in any location in Hong Kong, whether it’s a conference, corporate party, event, etc. We assure you on-time delivery and fresh quality food that will serve your all needs.

  • Packed Meals

Packed meals are a perfect suit for lunch. Zebra tasty offers packed meal services for various corporate offices for the past 6 years. It serves well known corporate giants such as FedEx, National Australia Bank, Swiss Re, AUST CHAM, Deutsche Bank, UBS, and Baring Private Equity Asia with packed meal services.

  • Equipment Rentals

We at Zebra Tasty rent our equipment as well, such as plates, spoons, knives, dishes, and other cooking and serving pieces of equipment. The prices are charged on an hourly basis.

Mouth Watering Menu’s of Zebra Tasty Caterers

Barbeque Package

We offer barbeque packages starting from complimentary lemon ice tea to desserts. It also includes grilled hot meat and fish that covers homemade Australian Beef Burger Patty, Honey Glazed Sausage, salmon and lemon kebab with dill yogurt dip, and many more. In addition, we offer various kinds of salads, vegetables, and desserts to complete the delicious barbeque package at the price of $365 pax.

Finger Food Package

Zebra Tasty caterers offer finger food package that is classified into hot and cold. It covers categories such as vegetarian, fish, shrimp, crabmeat, poultry sausage, ham and beef, and desserts.

Party Platters Package

The Party Platters package by Zebra Tasty caterers is divided into 4 submenus, which are Clean and clear, Everyone’s Happy, Gone in Seconds, and Awesome Finish.

Buffet Catering Package

The Buffet Catering menu covers 3 subcategories, an Express Buffet that starts from $268 pax, an Executive Buffet that starts from $298 pax, and a Diamond Buffet that starts from $368 pax.

Breakfast Package

The Breakfast package includes three sub packages that are Fayfay @$90 pax, Vital King @$90 pax, and Superior Gold @$140 pax.

Packed Lunch Package

The Packed lunch package includes sandwich main, hot main, Asian, fruits, and a side salad. The price of one item varies from $26 to $88.

Let your foodie nature sparkle for the delicious menu of Zebra Tasty corporate catering hong kong.

Enjoy your ride on luxury SUV Rentals

Enjoy your ride on luxury SUV Rentals

Car rental service is essential in a lot of public and private sectors. Companies use it for corporate clients, service industries or entertainment sectors, fortravellers or short time visitors, and tourists. They all can use these rental cars by leasing them for a short period, say maybe for a few hours or a few weeks.

Midway Car Rental Company allows owned car rental in Los Angeles, and theystarted in 1958. Nowthey have four decades of experience covered in their path &they have been among the topmost private rental car service provider in southern California for over 40 years.

They have a vast collection of cars, starting from small, budget-friendly four-seaters to large and luxury SUV rentals. You can choose any vehicle based on tour requirement and budget. The excellent news with Midway car rentals is that all their cars are offered at a reasonable and competitive price.

Advantages of Booking SUVs

Luxury Sports utility vehicle are mainly preferred because of thedissipation of these cars. Theyhavewell-designed interiors and exteriors, and moreimportantly, theyoffer a smooth ride withhigh-level safety precautions. They also provide additional leg room space that makes you enjoy a luxurious ride. With all the luxury and comfort they offer, they are best suited for long trips. They are well equipped and offer you better amenities

luxury SUV rentals

They have functional seating capacity. It can accommodate 5-8 members and ensure a comfortable journey. It also has plenty ofluggagespace to suit the requirement of a large family. So if you are traveling as a family or with a group of friends, luxury SUV rentals arethe best choice.

They have a vast collection of SUVs from top companies like Range Rovers, Mercedes, Ford, Audi, etc, giving their customers considerable options to choose from. Once you are sure about your plans, bookan SUV based on your requirement and budget. Booking is quite easy and straightforward. You can book a car on Midway rental from any part of the world. The bookings are done online and can be completed by filling a simple online application. To book a rental car at the midway rental, you must be at least 25 years old.

In the application, you must provide some necessary details like your name, contact number, email id, the dates, and timings at which you need the car for rent and the car you need. Once you provide these details and fill the application, your booking will be confirmed. The customer service providers will assist you with further stepsThey deliver on-time pick up and drop service to the point you mention. Advantage of booking a rental car with midway is that they are always known to provide high-quality service for their clients.

Thai Hotel

What Should You Look for in a Thai Hotel?

If you really want an exotic overseas holiday, Bangkok in Thailand should really be right at the top of your list. The tourist economy there has been booming and there are now so many great places to stay that making a choice can be tough. With that being said, there are definitely things that you should be looking for in a great Bangkok hotel.

Breaking it Down:

Bangkok is an exotic city, and it’s wonderful to immerse yourself in the rich culture. Of course, accommodation is always going to be a huge part of any overseas holiday and it’s wise to look for the best in the business. Why would you settle for anything less than the best when it comes to your holiday?

In this context, here are some key things to look for in a modern Bangkok hotel:

1. Transport: When you’re in Bangkok, there are heaps of things to do and see. The best way to get around is by public transport, so this means that you’ll definitely need to find a Bangkok hotel near BTS so that you can hop on the Sky train and get around the city. Choosing a hotel that is in close proximity to this sort of transport makes everything easier.

Thai Hotel


2. Connections: We live in the 21st century, so you’ll definitely want to find a hotel that offers WiFi in all of the rooms. Ideally, you should look for a hotel that offers free WiFi, since so many people now expect internet access to be available all of the time.

3. Room choices: One size definitely does not fit all budgets, so finding a hotel that offers everyone a good room that’s comfortable is essential. The great thing about more competition in the hotel market these days is that they all have had to lift their game and provide lots of options. This means that you can book a five-star hotel with a range of deluxe rooms for not a whole lot of money. In fact, some hotels will even give you a nice discount if you happen to book through their own online system.

4. Buffet: When you’re staying in a place such as Thailand, you definitely want to be able to sample the local cuisine. What better way to do this than to have a buffet at the hotel everyday? In most cases, you’ll have a choice of both local and Western food options, so you can mix and match to your heart’s content.

Have the Holiday of Your Dreams:

Thailand, and Bangkok in particular, has become a truly wonderful place to have a holiday. It’s an exotic location with a rich history and culture, but it also offers modern amenities and modern hotels. Just remember to do plenty of research on the best hotel for you and your family first, and you’ll have a wonderful time exploring this exotic location and learning all about the culture and the history of the place.

Why You Should Try Bali Villas

Why You Should Try Bali Villas

With the generation of technology that keeps on arising, people get a busier schedule. Thus, there are a lot of people who seek to get rid off it, and one of the best ways is to have a great vacation. There are many factors that can contribute to having the best kind of vacation. One factor is that most people prefer to stay in Bali villas than in a hotel.

Reasons to Stay In Bali Villas

  • The cost. From a functional and economical viewpoint, a Bali villa is a cost-effective option for a hotel. If an individual is traveling with their family or a big group, the price of booking a villa, rather of multiple rooms at a leisure hotel, can be significantly less – and the more people that tag along, the cheaper the rate will be. Many luxury villas can be reserved for less than $100 a person, per night, which just cannot be overcome by luxury hotel equivalents. Be sure to book during the low season to get the best reasonable rates.
  • Privacy. Say goodbye to restless hotel rooms and screaming kids at the pool. Many villas are placed in private enclaves, leading people away from the masses to enjoy their time with friends and family in peaceful silence. Villas are a stand for romantic honeymoons as well as family vacays because they provide every individual all the solitude they could ever demand with an exceptional sense of homeliness. Some Bali villas are even placed on a private beach or within luxury gated communities like Villa Serenity.

  • Villas are like everyone’s own home away with loads of living space and room to enjoy. Whether an individual stay in a comfortable one-bedroom villa or a 13-bedroom party room, several villas come with open terraces, various dining areas, and ample space to relax with a cocktail or a good book, from sun-drenched poolside daybeds to oversized homey couches. If an individual is traveling with an organization or with kids, everyone can experience the privacy of their own bedroom and bathroom. Villas are almost always bigger than even the best lines at a richness hotel, which means an individual is getting more space for the money they pay. The best part is an individual doesn’t have to give it to anyone but with friends and family. Because Bali villas give more space and privacy, they are excellent venues for weddings and private functions. Some are located on moving plots of land and can serve hundreds of people,
  • Extra Amenities. One of the best things about extravagance villas is the new amenities an individual can get all to themselves. One can laze the day away in their own separate pool, stirring up a meal in a state-of-the-art kitchen, or having a massage in their private outdoor spa pavilion. It’s not unusual for villas to highlight a single movie theater room, game room, gym, and kids’ playroom. Extra fun facilities have seen from Bali villas are a wood-fired pizza oven, stocked wine cellar, infrared sauna, and many more.

Choices For Different Kayaks. Which Is The Best For You?

Kayaking is fun, this is why it is one of the most loved water activities. For first-timers, finding the best kayak for them can be daunting. If you go online and start researching for a kayak, you will be given options to choose from. Simply because there are different types of kayaks. So it is best that you first understand each of the kayak types before you jump in and buy what you think is the best option for you.

Different Types Of Kayak Online 

If you check out online, kayaks are classified in different ways. They are classified by where you sit, how you will use them, the structure, and also the built. So here are the types of kayaks that you will have to choose from: 

  • Sit-on-tops are considered as recreational boats that are perfect for lakes and calm rivers. Sometimes, you will also find them in warm coastal waters. Some of them also have enough storage room for overnight trips. They are very easy to get on even if you are in deep water. They are also very comfortable but be prepared to get wet. Sit-on-tops are also heavier and are perfect for fishing. 
  • Traditional Sit-in kayaks are also recreational, day touring, or touring boats. They are faster, they track straight, and also have covered compartments for your cargo. They are the best option for paddling compared to a sit-on-top and they are comfortable especially when air and water are cool. But with the traditional sit-ins, you need to learn how to do a wet exit, especially if you choose a narrow kayak. You will have better control compared to a sit-on-top kayak. 

Kayaks gold coast

Kayak Categories for You

If you are planning to buy a kayak, it is important that you know your boat categories. But before you proceed, you should be aware that not all manufacturers are using the same terms. For example, a brand may use ‘recreational’ while others would say ‘day touring.’ To give you an idea of the categories that you should know of, here is a short list for you:

  • Recreational Kayaks. These are sit-ins or sit-on-tops. They are affordable, easy to get in and out from, stable, and very simple to use. If you just want to wander off in the water for a short time, this is the best option for you. Remember, this is not a good choice for longer trips or when you have to face waves or rapids.
  • Day Touring Kayaks. They are sit-in kayaks that are more versatile than the other boats in this list. This is efficient to move but will also be a bit pricier. They give you more control even in rough waters and they also track straighter. These are shorter boats so they are easier to control
  • Touring Kayaks. These are also sit-in kayaks that are longer, more robust and very efficient when paddling through a distance. They come with a rudder/skeg to help you deal with currents and winds. Some of them have good cargo space but remember that they are also a bit expensive. But if you are going for long trips or for coastal kayaking, this is the best choice for you. 

Finding Kayaks Online

When buying a kayak, you need to purchase from a site that you can trust. At Kayaks gold coast you can find here a good inventory of high-quality kayaks that are very popular worldwide. Now that you know the different types of kayaks, the choice would be much easier for you. Now, you are more confident that you are getting the perfect kayak that you need.

italian restaurant

The importance of hospitality in restaurants discussed in this post

If you would ask any restaurant owners who have well-known restaurants in your place about the importance of hospitality, they would gladly sit down with you and talk about it because it plays a crucial role in their business knowing that how you handle your customers will surely reflect your restaurant’s service.

Food is not just about what makes a great restaurant, customer service that offers great hospitality makes a restaurant a brand of its own that stands out among the rest.

It would be a good thought to ponder on why hospitality and great customer service outweighs good food in a restaurant? You will learn the answer in the outlined information that will be discussed in this article.

italian restaurant

  • Hospitality makes the food taste better- Well, virtually it will make the food taste better knowing that you served your customer with great service. Delivering great hospitality, according to restaurateurs will be affecting how the customers look at the food that is being served to them. A lot of people believe that when it comes to restaurant hospitality, there is a different meaning to it by how the restaurant crew handles their customer that makes the latter exceed their expectations. Great quality customer service by providing hospitality to customers makes the food taste better regardless if it is a five-star italian restaurant.
  • Hospitality does not require to be expensive- knowing what to expect from the meal that is served in a restaurant sounds good but, that can change, but it does not amount ordering your favorite meal, or the amount that you paid on your bill, or the comfortable ambiance of the restaurant and cozy conversations with your peers or loved ones. It is actually all about how hospitable the crew is to you. It can mean many things, but, it does not mean that it has to be expensive, it also does not mean that the kitchenware and the table utensils should be fancy, these mentioned aspects to having a good restaurant could sound great but, it is not hospitality by all means.
  • Hospitality shows empathy to customers- Great customer service is when there is an empathy shown to the guests from the crew. Empathy in a way that the restaurant crew already anticipated your wants and needs. It could be giving you extra table cloth or napkins even though you only ordered the cheapest food on the menu, or the waiter or the waitress cheerfully helps the guest read the menu clearly and tell them about the food that they are about to order, or even consistently refilling your glass with water or frequently asks you if you are having a good time and asks you if there is anything you need.

An act of hospitality and it does not even cost you a single dollar to get that, all you need to do is to choose the restaurant that showcased hospitality at its best.

Also, hospitality does not mean that it only exists in fine-dining restaurants where filet mignon is and a huge lobster is the star of the menu. Try to visit one of the best italian restaurant central hong kong has.