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Safe And Secure Marina Boat Storage In Australia

If boating is your kind of hobby, you would probably think of storage. A boat is truly expensive, in which the owner must make sure where to store it. Like a vehicle where a garage makes it a secure place to park. For a boat, you have a dry stack where storing boats in a shore-based rack is possible. It is for easy-hoist in and out of the water with a forklift truck.

Patterson Lakes Marina ensures that your boat will be safely and securely stored in a private dry stack. Although boats are designed as water-vehicles, they still need a proper storage area. It is a place where the boat is secured and away from possible damage.

Boat storage and mooring service

The boat storage and mooring service offer you a more comfortable and safe space. Plus, owners will feel secure that their boat will be safe from taking big waves or any possible catastrophe that is possible to happen on shore. Dry stacks and moorings are catered in a marina boat storage.

Mooring boats can be difficult; such cases like a boat get damaged when not done properly. But, an expert would ensure that your boat is safely moored here. The well-trained and professional dry stacks and mooring service make sure that your boat is handled well during off-shore and in-shore deployment.

Why store a boat in a marina?

Storing a boat in a dry stack has a lot of benefits:

  • Security of in and out of the water
  • Easy to wash down
  • Regular checks of the running and hull gear

Of course, you may not need to antifoul the boat. The disadvantages are that there are weight limits and sizes on what can be dry-stacked and during peak periods, you must wait for the boat to be launched.

Patterson Lakes Marina

What is antifoul?

Antifouling is very important to the performance of the boat. Keep in mind that all of these can be worthless if coral reefs are growing on the boat’s bottom part:

  • serviced engine
  • new sails
  • carefully tensioned rigging

Even moderate fouling may lose the knot or more of boat speed. Therefore, the boat needs enough preparation, good paint, and the best way of applying it.

But, all of these are not covered by dry stack and mooring service. Nevertheless, if you request this service from them, they would suggest you to the right expert. Patterson Lakes Marina only offers dry stacks and moorings services. A boat is an investment, like how you consider your car.

Both vehicles are operated and run by a motor, which means proper storage is basically needed. But, a boat is more hassle to keep or store than a car. Boats need to have dry stacks and moorings that need professional services rather than parking a car in a garage.