5 Exciting Things to Do in Marco Island

What are the Marco Islands all about?

Have you heard about the ten thousand islands in Florida? Marco island belongs to this island chain in South Florida. This small island is disconnected from the mainland; however, it is not too remote also for the tourists to visit. Marco island is a beautiful place filled with white sand and beaches on one side, and evergreen lush, mangrove forests on the other side. If you are planning to visit Marco island, you have to figure out a couple of things to do in Marco Island. This article is intended to guide you towards the fun and interesting activities which you can do in Marco island.

What are the 5 interesting things to do in Marco Island?

  1. Charter fishing trip

One of the best things to do in Marco island, a charter fishing trip will let you catch varieties of fish and sharks. You can opt for a couple of safaris which would offer the best backwater charter fishing trips.

  1. Dolphin and shelling tour

Within the ten thousand renowned islands, there is one island which is famous for the shells, it acts as a home to a large variety of shells including the Junonia shell. So, take a boat and visit the dolphin as well as shelling tour.

 things to do in Marco Island

  1. A day trip to Naples

If you are up for shopping, then a short trip to Naples is the perfect opportunity for you. A short stroll to fifth avenue south, third street south along with the shopping areas at Tin city, waterside shops, coastland centre would be perfect.

  1. Dinner at a castaway setting

If you are up for experimenting with your dinner, then you should definitely opt for a castaway dinner at Quinn’s on the beach at Marco island. The ambience and the food will make you feel that you are at a remote place in the world, solely enjoying your dinner with your loved ones. Isn’t it worth trying?


  1. A day at the museum

What can be better than getting acquainted with the history of the place which you are visiting? Museums are the best place to explore the history of that place. There are a lot of museums in Marco island, however, do not forget to visit the Marco island historical museum. What unique can you expect there? Replicas of southwest Florida’s Calusa Indian villages or even a Key Marco cat which is a half-human, half-panther spiritual figure from the tribe.

Now that you have learnt about the various things to do in Marco island, it is time for you to take out your notepad and form a checklist of all the places which you would like to visit.