Different Types of Fishing Reel Types

If you love fishing, then you might be aware of the importance of the fishing reel types there difference and function.  There are 3 fishing reel types which are

  • Open face spinning reel
  • Spin cast reel
  • Bait casting reel

 Fishing reels are most in demand because they make task easy. When it comes to choosing a real there is one most important thing that you need to choose and that is it should feel smooth.  There are different types of fishing reels given to fishermen to choose and there are few manufactures out there.  These reels are also available in different shapes and size.

Open face spinning reel

It is a little difficult one and comes in huge variety. People can choose them according to their interest.  You can also buy ultra light ones in case you are interested in catching pan fish. On the other hand it is also having potential to catch big fishes.  It also works in perfect manner if you need long casting.

fishing reel types

Spin cast reel

It is also called closed face reel. It is a cheaper option and also the most easy to use fish catching tool.  It is perfect for the beginners.  You get trouble free set and can hold everything you have intention to catch.  You get a pushbutton line release and a nosecone which is enclosed where lines are going to come out of the reel.  This reel is mounted on the top of the rod.  It is perfect to catch small to medium sized fish.

 This reel type is easy, but has some downsides such as lack of line capacity, poor drag system, and gears are made with white metal or plastic.

Bait casting

It is the most difficult one and is suitable for the pros.  You get widest range and can choose bigger models, lighter ones to catch big or small fishes.  This type of fishing reel is used by the people who need to catch big fish with the ability to handle heavy line.  You have a perfect control over it and get accuracy. This one is for professionals with experience to catch any type of fish.

Today there is a huge variety available such as universal fishing reel, deep sea reels, digital ones and many more.  You have plenty of options in the market when it comes to fishing reel types. You can learn about their features and choose according to your interest and experience.