Kangaroos Can Be Fun!

Kangaroos are a marsupial species that is common in Australia. Their scientific name is Macropus. The name originates from Greek words that imply macros pous. It means bigfoot. Their extensively unique characteristics are their enormous hind legs, massive feet, and large tails. kangaroos in the wild near melbourne are unique, they practice leaping as their essential means of movement.

Their Diet and Behavior

Kangaroos are herbivores. Their diet consists largely of a combination of plants such as shrubs, grass, and flowers. A few of them might also eat up fungi. Kangaroos live in communities that are called mobs. Mobs are also referred to as troops or herds. The troops are led by the male kangaroo.

Like camels, they may survive without drinking water for a lengthy period due to their relative dormancy on more humid days.

Fast Facts

  • Their common Name- Roo
  • Their Scientific Name- Macropus
  • Their Order: Diprotodontia
  • Discerning Elements are large hind legs, massive feet, enormous tails and female kangaroos carry a pouch
  • Their Animal Species: Mammals
  • Their Weight: roughly 50 pounds to 220 pounds
  • Their Height: 3 feet to up to 7 feet
  • Their Diet: Herbs, plants, and shrubs
  • Their Life Span: approximately 7 years to 22 years
  • The kangaroo population is approximately 50- 60 million
  • The environment is forests, woodlands, plains, and Australian and Tasmanian savannas
  • Conservancy Status is of smallest concern

kangaroos in the wild near melbourne

Fun Facts Time!

Do you know? Kangaroo has quite some talents that make them perfect candidates for the Olympics. The delightful animals are capable and willing to put up with the world. They have a mixed terrain in Australia. Kangaroos had to face a bunch of challenges to stave off predators and get across the tremendous territory in a very short time to find food when most animals would have foregone millennia back.

It is difficult to find competitors that can give kangaroos a hop for their money.

  • Kangaroo Boxing
  • Kangaroo Swimming
  • Kangaroo Football
  • Kangaroo Trampoline
  • Kangaroo Wrestling
  • Kangaroo Hurdles and High Jumps
  • Kangaroo Sprinting
  • Kangaroo Bodybuilding

Amazing right?

Maybe a bit scary too?

No worries, most of them, especially from an animal sanctuary are quite receptive and will perhaps just keep nibbling on the grass even when you go near them. They are quite used to human beings and perceive that they will be taken care of. Only when you do things to absolutely annoy them, will you be safely taking a photo with kangaroos for Instagram.