Know about the limousine and its pride

Limousine is a stretched saloon or a sedan car with a chauffer compartment and passenger compartment.  Both these compartments are partitioned with a glass frame.  Limo has a lengthened wheelbase and rolls around smoothly. Limo is a symbol of class, luxury and riches.

This car is specially built or modified by a coachbuilder to suit the requirements of its owners.  These cars are mostly white or black in color, driven by professional chauffeurs.

A limo represents wealth, fame and power of its rider.  Mostly it is operated by government and political parties to transport their officials.  Many individuals also use Limo for special occasions like weddings, engagement parties, bachelor parties etc.

These cars accommodate up to 10 passengers.  Most of the Limos are from car companies like Cadillac, Lincoln, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Chrysler etc.

There is a separate segment of Limos which fall under the category of Exotic and Novelty.

Exotic Limos are the coaches where the builder will include certain amenities which are otherwise impractical to include in a stretch vehicle.  These amenities make the vehicle a statement automobile. Examples of such vehicles are Bentley, BMW, Rolls Royce, Mercedes-Benz, Cooper, Hummer, Infiniti, Jaguar etc.

Novelty Limos are a different group used for the sheer experience of traveling in style.  The manufacture of these vehicles completely differs as they are more economical and use unconventional materials for the body of the vehicle.  Volkswagen Beetle is a great example of this group.

Some countries need the chauffeurs to have a separate type of license to drive these cars for the sheer necessity of maneuvering the lengthened wheelbase vehicle.

Australia has a very popular limo service called Triple Hummer Limos.  This is a very famous company which caters to a lot of clients who are looking to hire an exotic limo for their prestigious celebrations with family and friends.    This company gathered a lot of love from a big base of clientele who have experienced their services and recommended to their friends also.

They specialize in triple axle hummer limos which are a next level of exotic limos.  The company has a great spread of amenities like champagne, refreshments, red carpet, flowers and ribbons etc., in the automobile and accommodates up to 24 people in one vehicle which means the party starts once the guests board the vehicle.

Why Limos:

The biggest advantage of using a Hummer Limo is to keep all the guests in one place instead of spreading them across vehicles and coordinating with them over phone.  There is a lot of fun when all the guests are seated in one big vehicle, with music and lights on, feels like a party on the go. Users just check here to get more info about the car.

Every girl wants to feel like a movie star on her big Day, this is one such opportunity to feel and celebrate the stardom while arriving in a Limo at the marriage venue.  The bride not only feels pampered but dons a princess-like feel and that’s memorable experience for life.

There are classes of people who love the Limo experience and want to add this to their bucket list of things to do before they die.  One such unforgettable experience is riding a Hummer Limo across the busiest streets of Melbourne. The sunroof opens up and the rider’s pops out to get a glimpse of the city around and also adorned by passers-by for the beast he/she is driving in.

The other benefit of hiring a Hummer Limo is to make sure that there is a dedicated driver who drives around the guests instead of one of them driving and being distracted and absent out on the fun had by the rest of the group.

Riding in a Hummer Limo is super stylish and adds oomph to the entire event and creates unforgettable memories for everyone.  These are affordable and economical come with a lot of amenities and packages to suit every pocket.