Serviced Apartments: What Are The Amenities It Offers?

The fully furnished apartments are available for both short and long-term stays. The serviced apartments in Adelaide render conveniences for daily use, including housekeeping services – all enclosed in the rental price that a serviced apartment showcases.

You are thinking that a serviced apartment sounds like a hotel. Yet, it is not! Hotels and serviced apartments are different accommodations. Suppose you are working in real estate. In this case, it is an ideal way to improve the portfolio and dabble in. Investing in service apartments or serviced accommodation can be a good investment, especially since more travelers are looking for short and long-term stay accommodation today.

Serviced apartments

The same with the traditional hotel, a serviced apartment offers a short-term and long-term stay facility for the clients. The differences are:

  • size
  • cost
  • services

A serviced apartment has the dimensions and structures of the home, a homey feel, as opposed to that of a hotel.

serviced apartments in Adelaide

A space to relax!

Compared to the hotel room, fully serviced apartments offer a spacious room to live and relax. For more extended-stay business guests, a serviced apartment ensures a secure and spacious room where they can work and reside.

Several facilities are offered, much like the traditional hotel. But, it has an added space, convenience and privacy like a homey feel. You can enjoy living like a local when you travel and usually at a much lower cost in the serviced apartments. The service apartments can be a better option for you.

Staying in a hotel is not as ideal if you plan to go to another country for an extended period. A long-term stay in the hotel would not be as economical even if it provides comfort. A serviced apartment is not merely economical but offers amenities better than some hotels. These apartments can provide essential services, like housekeeping and security.

Yet, to meet the customer’s varying needs, such as:

  • pools
  • saunas
  • parking, gyms
  • fitness centers
  • other amenities

These are all found in serviced apartments in Adelaide. You can find in most serviced apartments almost everything you need daily. So, the feeling of having a vacation with your home is one-of-a-kind, it includes:

  • equipped kitchen
  • separate bedrooms
  • drawing rooms
  • washing machines
  • wi-fi
  • water supply
  • electricity
  • power backup
  • housekeeping and more

Serviced apartments are self-contained apartments available to rent for short-term stays, as little as overnight.  These apartments are professionally run apartments, which means high standards of business travelers are met. The serviced apartments are also called aparthotel apartments. So, don’t get confused by these terms.