The New Flavours and Dishes from Jungle Jamboree

Jungle Jamboree is the name that is spreading like wildfire amongst the people of Delhi. Their quality of service along with the delectable food is winning hearts of all customers. Owing to its popularity, several branches of Jungle Jamboree have opened up in various prominent places of Delhi.

It is one of the most attractive restaurants. The décor of the restaurant is in sync with the aqua and junglethemes. Several water bodies along with greenery can be seen in the ambience. Such an ambience makes the customers feel refreshed and excited for the food that is going to be presented before them.

Jungle Jamboree Rajouri Garden attracts a large number of people for its lavish and delicious buffet, which cannot be missed. They offer a seven course meal, which is not offered in other restaurants. Recently, Jungle Jamboree spiced up their menu and added some new delicacies to their palette. Here are the new dishes and flavours that you must try:

Mini Raj Kachori

This new addition has been made to satisfy all those who love chats. Ever since it has been added to the menu, it has become a popular snack amongst the people who visit Jungle Jamboree. The Mini Raj Kachori is not that mini and it is finger-licking good. It is fried just to the right amount. With each crunchy bite, you will savour the taste of this Raj Kachori.

Mushroom Shashlik

New Flavours and Dishes

Jungle Jamboree previously served a Mushroom delicacy, but the recipe has been revamped to make it better. The new Mushroom Shashlik is cooked using button mushrooms. They are sautéed in butter and other spices and then fried. The presentation of the dish is so amazing that it somehow works up your appetite. The smell and taste of garlic and butter along with spices is mouth-watering.


You all must be familiar with the regular recipe and conventional style in which bhindi is cooked at restaurants and homes. The chefs at Jungle Jamboree prepare bhindi in a unique style. They cook the bhindialong with several spices and then deep fry it in olive oil. Normal oil is avoided for health issues and olive oil is selected as it has more nutritional value. You can order bhindikurkuri with either dal makhani or dal tadka and enjoy this as a side dish.

ChittaSunheriMurg Tikka

This non-vegetarian culinary delight has become a popular appetizer in Indian cuisine since its introduction in the menu. Unlike the usual preparation of Chicken Tikka, ChittaSunheriMurg Tikka undergoes the use of different ingredients for marinating the chicken. Once it is prepared, it looks like golden balls of fire and that is the reason they are named as ChittaSunheri. They are served along with onion and taste best with green chutney.

Chilli and Oregano Fish Finger

Jungle Jamboree has something special for fish lovers also. Chilli and Oregano Fish Finger has become one of the exotic dishes served at this restaurant. The fish fingers are prepared with lots of different spices and the overall taste is heavenly. The combination of oregano and chilli make the fish fingers taste very different from their conventional taste.

These are amongst the most popular new dishes that have been added to Jungle Jamboree’s menu. As the customers have given a favourable response for all these dishes, they have also been included in the seven course buffet.

Address: Jungle Jamboree, A-23, Vishal Enclave, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi, Delhi 1100018

The next time when you visit Jungle Jamboree, remember to try all these new dishes for sure.