Tips to know before going on an African safari

Tips to know before going on an African safari

Going on a wildlife safari for the first time, you can have a lot of questions. No matter how many pictures or videos of wildlife safari you have seen, when you see it and experience it yourself you will know how amazing it is. There may be no sight of animals for hours to go and suddenly you see one and you will feel it was worth it.

African Wildlife Safaris can get really overwhelming especially when you are not prepared enough for the adventure. So here are a few tips and dos and dont’s to make your trip an experience of a lifetime.

Be open minded and flexible

Every wildlife safari is unique. There may be ones that will be really exciting and you get to see a lot of animals and some can be unpredictable and you don’t get to see too many animals. Expect all this and be prepared for a different experience every time. Be prepared for warm and cold, for mosquitoes and flies. Mostly, the safari driver will take you through the roads, there will be times when the driver will decide to cross a river or go through a bush.

African Wildlife Safaris

Stay safe

There are rules set for good reasons, obey them. Always be safe in the vehicle. Don’t put your hands out to take pictures. It is no secret that animals camouflage themselves very well and it might be really late before you spot them. Be vigilant.

Ask your guide

Ask your guide questions, guides are usually very knowledgeable. Do not hesitate to ask your guide to stop when you want to take another picture or if you could not see an animal at first sight. Guides are there to give you a spectacular wildlife safari experience.

Take pictures

When you spot an animal, it is best to click pictures. Don’t assume that there will be another opportunity to see them again. There very well could be one if you are lucky or there could be none at all after that. So make the best out of it. Also it is so natural to not take pictures when you have seen an animal a few times. You may take ten pictures when you see a lion for the first time and when you see it the second time you click like five or six and the third time none at all. Do click as many pictures as you can. This will help you keep the best shots and delete the rest.

The idea is to have a great time and these tips can really help you do that. So go ahead and live your dream and don’t forget to follow these tips for a safe and memorable wildlife safari experience.