15 unknown facts to revel before visiting Disney world

Visiting Disney world is most of the people dream. When your dream comes true, the experience is mysterious. As you plan to visit Disney world, there are number of facts to be dumped up. The various facts are listed successively in this article.
1. The size of Walt Disney is 30,500 acres which is approximately equal to the circumstance of San Francisco.
2. Disney world charged $3.50 for adult when it opened the door on 1st October, 1971.
3. The opening day crowd in Disney world was more than 10,000 people.
4. The Disney magic world has 8 attractions. They are Space Mountain, haunted mansion, hall of presidents, pirates of the Caribbean, country bear jamboree, jungle cruise, 20000 leagues under the sea and it’s a small world.
5. The annual attendance of Disney world magic kingdom is 16.2 millions; epcot is 9.9 million, Disney MGM studio with 8.6 million and animal kingdom with 8.2 million.
6. The Disney’s Cinderella castle is the tallest with 189 feet. This is followed by Space Mountain with 183 feet.
7. Both carousel of progress and its small world made the world fair wonder at 1964.
8. The Spaceship earth found in the entrance of Epcot weighs 16 million pound.

15 unknown facts to revel before visiting Disney world
9. The haunted mansion uses state of art omnimover vehicle. It is called as Doom buggies.
10. Trader Sam shows up at the end of jungle cruise.
11. Winnie the pooh at fantasy land is located at Mr.Toad’s wild Ride.
12. The greatest movie ride is located in a replica of Mann’s Chinese Theater.
13. The swing suspension bridge is located at the leads of Tom Sawyer Island to Fort Langhome. The bridge is named after the Samuel Langhorne Clemens (Mark Twain).
14. The rock and roller coaster at MGM studios launches at the speed of 0 to 60 miles per hour within 28 seconds.
15. Moreover 46 million people visit the place annually.
These are actually not a list of Disney world unknown facts. The aforementioned are just a little. There is lot more to explore. It can be done through visiting the land. While planning to visit, decide what to pack for Disney World. Make the trip with more memories. It will help in having the highest outbreak in life. Enormous number of facts can be explored through this trip. Plan and enjoy the days within Disney world.