Airport Arrival Tips for First Time Flyers

It is normal to get anxious especially if it is your first time flying to Belgium but once you reach the place, you will love it. To reach uneventfully, you need to know several things from security checks to immigration, boarding, customs, Belgium arrivals and departures and many more. Before anything else, you need to know which airport you will deplane from.

In 2017, the busiest airport in Belgium was Brussels-Zaventem, which saw a total of 24,783,911 passengers. If you will deplane from this airport, you have to know that Brussels Airport utilizes one terminal concept. This means that all facilities are put under the same roof. The airport has one building consisting of many levels. For instance, the railway station is at level -1 while the taxis and buses arrive at level 0. Arrivals are located on level 2 while the departures are on level 3. Levels 2 and 3 are linked to the airport’s piers – Pier A and Pier B.

If you want your arrival to run smoothly, it is imperative that you know what to do. Here are some arrival tips that you can use:

Freshen up
Most passengers will rush the moment the plane disembarks. It will be a mistake joining the rush because you will end up waiting for a long time. The best thing to do is to freshen up first. As you walk toward customs, you will pass few restrooms. Do not pick the first one you see because most likely it will be busy. Stop at the next restroom and spend few minutes freshening up. Change clothes, wash your face, pee and brush your teeth if you must.

Clear customs
As soon as you are comfortable, you can now head to clear customs. You will wait but at this point, the line will move quickly. While waiting, you might be tempted to use your phone. You should know that it is not allowed. If security sees you using, you will be asked to put it away. The only thing that you need to take out from your bag is your passport. Make sure that you already have your passport when it is your turn to face the customs officer. You will be asked details about your stay. Be honest and you will be on your way quickly.

Baggage claim
There will be screens in the airport showing details like flight number and the carousel number. Before moving, check the details first so you will know which carousel to go to. After locating the carousel, you can start to look for your bag or simply wait while the conveyor does its job.

Head to the arrivals hall
You will know if it is the arrival hall when you pass through the sliding glass doors and you will see unusual big crowds. The least that you can do is to smile and walk quietly. By this time, you already decided whether to take railway, taxi or bus. If you are still uncertain, you need to look for the information desk and ask away.

Your journey starts the moment you fly from one destination to another. What you can do is to ensure that you have a memorable and pleasurable experience.