Great Food While Travelling

Do you often think of your bank balance while scrolling through your newsfeed and a polaroid comes along with a deep quote asking you to go places ? Surprisingly, you can take a trip easily without burning a hole I’m your pocket.

The best way to satiate your wanderlust in a budget is to travel by trains. The give you the real vibe of a place and their people. Train journeys often turn out to be the most memorable journeys of your life for reasons more than one.

You will be amazed by how a single compartment can have such different people, each with their unique stories and opinions. During my teenage I was not much of a talker and it used to be such a delight to just observe these different people. I would often make their own stories in my little head.

Nowadays, I just enjoy looking through the window. The subtle change in the terrain and colour of the earth, the lush greens of the fields, the emptiness of the vast barren lands, the hopeful search for light at the end of a tunnel. The journey gives you just enough but still not enough in those split second.

You can feel these moments only while traveling in the humble sleeper coaches of the Indian railways. Besides brimming with stories and experiences, the tickets for these coaches are also very easy on pocket. This makes them the first choice for travelling students.

However, a lot of people are concerned with the food that is served in these trains. First of all, the options are very limited. So the most you can do is choose a vegetarian or non vegetarian option for your meal. Then comes the pricing which might seem unreasonable for the quality and quantity of food offered. Talking about the quality of food, it is the biggest issue among travellers. Due to the limited resources available in a moving train, the quality of the food is often not good enough. Hence, websites and phone apps like have popped up in the recent times to help travellers ease their woes.

These convenient websites can even work without an internet connection onboard. They promise to give you good quality food at reasonable prices. All you have to do is choose the dishes for your meal from their long menu and pick a station to get it delivered to you. You will be served with warm, fresh, hygienic food which is not the case if you order it from the train pantry. This is a saviour for families travelling with kids who are more susceptible to stomach upset.

The interface of these sites are also extremely friendly which makes them great for people who are computer or internet savvy. The orders are placed by your pnr number and other details which leaves no space for confusion among the travellers.

Thus, the next time you’re travelling, choose to travel by the sleeper coaches and place an order for your food from Make sure to install the app on your phone for more convenience and to have a very happy and safe journey.