How to get Canada PR?

Canada is a land of opportunities which offers range of jobs which are high paying ones. This country is also known for providing high-end facilities to the people who come here to stay. If you are thinking of getting settled in this country then find the related information in the guide. We shall discuss the Canada PR and direct entry stream and related aspects of the same.

What is Canada PR?

Canada PR implies getting permanent residence visa in the country and person who has acquired this status becomes eligible to get access to many opportunities. This status of permanent residency is given by immigrating agency of Canada. But there are some exceptions when it comes to accessing Canada PR rights. The procedure for giving you Canada PR is overseen by IRCC which is Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

Talking about the nationality, a Canada PR may also remain the resident of other country. The following people cannot be the Canada PR:

  • Not a Canadian citizen
  • A student
  • A person living temporarily in Canada
  • A foreign worker

How to get PR visa for Canada?

You can become a Canada PR when you fulfill the following criterias:

  • You need to be physically present in the country in order to fulfill all the required obligations
  • The duration of stay has to be atleast 2 years in every 5 years on a continuous basis
  • You should meet the required language levels which may also exceed the limit which is set
  • You should meet language eligibility including listening, writing, reading and speaking
  • Your work experience must also meet the required standards under the Canadian PR rules

What is direct entry stream 186?

If you are migrating to Canada as a skilled worker, you will apply under direct entry stream 186 Visa. But this is valid only if you have an employer who nominates you. This nomination is done by those Canadian employers who are allowed to do so by ENS or Emplyer Nomination Scheme.

There are three ways in which you can apply under subclass 186 visa which are as follows:

  • Direct entry system
  • Temporary residence transition stream
  • Agreement stream

The direct entry stream is for those who are skilled workers but are not nominated by their employer. The person under this scheme needs to have the work experience for three years. The occupation of such a skilled worker has to be listed on the Medium and Long Terms Skills shortage List also known as MLTSSL.

Eligibility under direct entry scheme

Following are the eligibility criteria for direct entry scheme:

  • Applicant should be under 45 years of age
  • Must meet health requirements
  • Must have English language skills

The person must meet all the requirements to ensure that they can apply under the direct entry scheme to migrate to Canada. For skilled workers, meeting the required eligibility is a must only then can a person migrate to Canada which is full of promising opportunities.