How to kill time in train journeys?

Train journeys are fun and memorable always. If you are travelling with your friends or family then there is nothing better than it. One can chat, play antakshari or card games with them. They can taste various types of station foods when the train is at halt. You can also try them when food vendors hop into the compartments. But what when you are travelling alone?Well, if it seems that spending time can be a bit difficult then you can easily carry a book to read or listen to music to kill time.

Remember one thing. When you are travelling alone then you have to be very responsible about it. There will be no one else to help you with anything when you are alone. So from luggage to food everything you have to help on your own. One also has to remain very careful on every bit of it.

You should always carry least amount of luggage as possible. If you are travelling alone then do not even think of carrying heavy luggage only if there is no compulsion. This is because, you have to carry you own luggage as there is no helping hand. If you are travelling in a group, then the amount of luggage can tend to increase due to more number of people. But it is always a good idea to keep it light. This will help you and your friends or family to adjust the luggage in the given allotted berth.

When you have boarded the train, then the primary thing is to find your allotted berth and adjust your luggage first. Then help your friends and family to find theirs. After finding your seat, always sit there first and make way for the other passengers to find their own seat. Do not stand in the middle of the passage or roam from one place to another in the coach to create a blockage for others. After boarding the train there is no need to get into the platform anymore. This is because; catching a train while it is on the move can be dangerous for any individual.

There are many things that you can do when you are travelling alone. Like you can always pack a book if you are a reader and this will give you company as post sunset you cannot sit by the window and watch outside. You can also carry some magazines or some light journals if you are not a very ardent reader.If you love to write, then always carry a diary or a notebook where you can scribble down some lines when you are travelling.Carry your iPod where you can stuff songs and you can always listen to them while travelling. If you are carrying a laptop then it is a good idea to download some movies before boarding the train.

But when you are travelling with a group of friends or family members, you can carry a pack of cards or some portable board game for time pass.

Train food delivery is always on time if ordered properly.