Moco Museum and Studio Irma are making good progress

Things can go fast sometimes, and that certainly applies to the Moco Museum. After it opened its doors in 2016, every year more enthusiasts manage to find this unique museum in a special location. The success can be explained by the unique location of the boutique museum on the Museumplein in Amsterdam and the very special art that is offered in the museum. Studio Irma has a prominent role in the range of art on offer.

Small museum, large selection of modern art

No, the Moco Museum is not the largest museum when we look at the surface. The art on offer, however, is regarded as great by the connoisseurs. That certainly applies to the art that Studio Irma shows, and certainly when it comes to Reflecting Forward. You see modern, contemporary art that you don’t see anywhere else. Brightly colored lights, dance and music and never-before-seen interactive artwork. That is what Studio Irma has to offer you. Moco Museum wants to bind the broadest possible target group, Studio Irma offers art that also enraptures the younger target group and art that they have never seen before.

Art really comes to life thanks to Studio Irma

Art comes to life with special thanks to Studio Irma. The dimensions are always changing and how about ethereal works of art that communicate with each other? Again, art you won’t see anywhere else. Studio Irma gives visitors a sense of happiness and allows the spaces to change continuously. That, in combination with the unique location, makes it not so surprising that this unique museum has moved so quickly. If you visit the museum you will be pleased by the work of Mark Rothko.

Bind the widest possible target group

Then the location. Moco Museum has a unique location in villa Alserg on the famous Museumplein Amsterdam. The villa was one of the first houses to be located on the Museumplein and it is clear that the designer has designed a house with character. And the stately mansion has not lost any of that appearance. The outdoor area has also been decorated in a special way by various artists. Because the museum wants to attract as wide an audience as possible, a ticket for the museum certainly does not cost the top prize. And if you buy the tickets online, you even get a discount on the already cheap entrance price. This signifies the museum, which gives a part of the proceeds to a varying charity as standard.