Pointers for Choosing Family-Friendly Hotel

The kid-centered and family-friendly hotel philosophy started during the 1950s, particularly during the golden period of the American road trip. Kemmons Wilson thought of having a chain of safe and clean hotels where kids could be free to do whatever they want and be able to swim in a pool in every hotel location. This paved the way for the Holiday Inn. Today it is easy for families on vacation to find beaver creek colorado hotels online.

Swimming pools and special kids’ rates are now commonplace in family-friendly accommodations. You can even find this kind of hotel offering more amenities such as babysitting and field trips and becoming more appealing to families.

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To guide you through the selection of the best hotel accommodation for your family, we have come up with the following pointers:

Choose a kid-friendly location.

More often when it comes to booking a family-friendly lodging, it is about where than what. A resort offers a lot of things for the kids to have fun with, but this isn’t the case when you choose a hotel in the central business district or a nondescript suburb. Choose a hotel that is near to places where kids enjoy visiting such as amusement parks, the beach, children’s museums, water parks, and of course malls. Booking a room with a great view for the family is another bonus.

Check for family-friendly services.

Hotels have integrated several family-friendly services over the decades. If you want to spend some time with your spouse, some hotels provide babysitting services. You can also find Beaver Creek Colorado Hotels that offer special services like Baby Butler Service, daily diaper delivery, and free childproofing kits to ensure the hotel room’s safety. Many hotels also offer amenities for kids to have fun. These include having rental toys, free movies, games, cribs, and strollers.

Look into discounts for kids.

It is now common to find discount hotel rates for kids since the Holiday Inn concept started. Some hotels have family plans, allowing the parents to book a second room for the kids at half the price. Some hotels also sell discount tickets for popular theme parks and expensive recreational parks in the area. You can find all these in the hotel brochure often displayed in the lobby.

Ask if pets are allowed.

Most families think that a family-friendly hotel is also pet-friendly. Several hotels allow pets. Their rates and rules vary. Some hotels may only allow one pet in the room while others allow 3. Some hotels don’t charge pets while others do.